Travel is the only spending that makes your rich
— Uknown

Marlesha Lawrence (26) Nashville, TN


Marlesha Lawrence, is a  26 years old native of Nashville, TN. Marlesha has a Bachelor’s of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain management along with a Masters’ of Business Administration. Marlesha has always had the urge to travel. Growing up she would take one to two weeks family vacation to domestic locations. As she got older the hardest part of traveling for her was finding someone to travel with. During her undergraduate years, Marlesha spent time traveling with her college friends mostly around “spring break” locations. During graduate school Marlesha formed a hobby of traveling with her mother and god mother. After numerous domestic and international trips she realized that traveling with your mother or god mother is fun and wonderful until that one trip you wish you had a friend there to visit a night club with. One day on Facebook, Marlesha saw a picture of thirty black females on one trip, she then had the vision to do this same thing for her Nashville community.


Adrianna Skelton (27) Nashville, TN

Travel Administration/Tour Guide

Adrianna Skelton is a huge part of Moving Melanin. Adrianna has been here since the beginning and assisted with the planning and execution of the Moving Melanin business model. Adrianna plays an important role in Moving Melanin as the Travel Administrator. Adrianna's duties include: promotion and marketing, answering customer inquiries and complaints, maintaining Moving Melanin's social media presence, as well as preparing all the promotional material and displays. Adrianna will also serve as a tour guide during group travel.